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Overnight Website – FAQ

Who’s the Ideal Candidate for this Service?

If you’re in a rush for a splendid website, look no further! From startups and new ventures to product launches or major announcements, we’re your digital fairy godmother. This might not be the best fit if you’re after extensive customizations or multiple rounds of revisions. For a more detailed and iterative approach, consider our sister company’s traditional website offerings.

Overnight Creation – Is it Magic?

No magic, just some nocturnal brilliance! We’re creatures of the night, thriving when the world sleeps. It’s when our creativity peaks, and we channel this into crafting your dream website.

But, is it Genuinely Done Overnight?

Absolutely! Once you’ve provided all necessary details, we’ll set a date for your website’s grand reveal. Typically, this is about 5-7 days post payment. Due to high demand, there might be a slight wait, as we operate on a first-come-first-served basis. To ensure smooth sailing, we advise securing your slot a couple of weeks in advance.

Preparation Checklist?

A domain and hosting are the essentials. We offer hosting solutions tailored to your needs or you can bring your own. Additionally, having your content ready is beneficial, but if you’re still shaping your brand’s voice, we can work with placeholder content.

Any Hidden Charges?

Nope! Beyond your domain and hosting costs, what you see is what you get.

I’ve Submitted the Form. What Awaits?

After your submission, a confirmation and further steps land in your inbox. Upon payment, we’ll confirm your website’s scheduled date. Rest easy the night before, and awaken to a brand-new digital presence.

Need Additional Branding or Content?

No worries! Get in touch, and we’ll introduce you to our network of professionals.

What’s a “Website Day”?

Simply put, it’s your website’s birthday! Initiated the night before, by morning, a fresh website awaits you.

Can I Set a Different Launch Date?

While immediate launches post-completion are standard, we can accommodate requests for a later reveal or provide you with site files for a self-launch.

Preview Before Going Live?

The Overnight Website service prioritizes speed; hence, revisions aren’t part of the package. If a preview is crucial, we can set up a “coming soon” page, allowing you to launch when ready.

Unsatisfied with the Final Product?

Our focus is your satisfaction. If, after initial discussions, we feel the fit isn’t right, we offer refunds or credit towards a more comprehensive website build. Do note, post-payment, there’s a 48-hour window for change of heart.

How Do We Communicate?

Post confirmation, we’ll keep you in the loop via email. While we value communication, to maintain efficiency, we streamline our interactions.

Post-Launch Modifications?

Certainly! We’ll guide you on website tweaks and updates. Your site isn’t just a static digital entity; it’s a platform ripe for growth and expansion. Need professional maintenance? We’ve got care plans on offer.

Post-Launch Troubles – Can I Reach Out?

While we’re always here to help, availability can vary. Hourly assistance is available at $150/hour. For consistent support, our care plans might be your best bet.


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